View of Barnhill Rock Garden in summer

Barnhill Rock Garden

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved with the Barnhill Rock Garden, come along and ask for an application or download one from here.

"The Garden Team would be delighted to be joined by any Friends who would like to "have a go" in helping Michael and his boys keep and improve the Rock Garden.  We meet every Monday morning (weather permitting) between 10.00 am and mid-day with a break for coffee and a chat.  There is a fairly wide assortment of jobs to choose from and anything you don't know you can soon learn!  If Monday does not suit you once you have made contact you would be free to choose a more suitable time.  We are also looking for volunteers to "man" the Geddes Glasshouse from time-to-time to meet and greet visitors to the Garden.  Please contact either John Grocott   ( 01382 779581) or Michael Laird (07985 878515) if you would like to help. "